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A collection of old film and video projects I worked on in various capacities. Some are music videos, others were done for fun, or because of teaching assignments in grad school.

Cyne, Chapter 2: Sound Snitches (2018). I worked on the concept and tedious paper slicing. Meghan Halstead illustrated.

<<insert Carousels vid here>>

<<needs a refresh, coming soon>>

Winter Vacation (2012). I took a lot of pictures on vacation (Jacksonville > San Fran > Helsinki) and wanted to do something with them.
GAA (2012). I taught a 16mm film production class in grad school for funding. I had to check to see if a 16mm Bell & Howell was working properly. This is how I checked it.

Light (2011). Just playing around with light, mood music, and editing. I didn’t exactly know what I was doing but wanted to make something weird.
From Close (2009). To be perfectly honest, I am unsure why I made this but I like it nonetheless.

Cyne, Calor (2008). I made this video in grad school in between reading 3 books a week and writing 30 page papers. Rudimentary but satisfying.
Things Remembered (2005). I took some 16mm film classes in grad school for fun. Later, I was asked to teach the class.

Proxy (2000). This was part of a larger undergraduate thesis project. I cannot find the rest of it. And I probably thought I was David Lynch in college?