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This project was given to students in my History & Fundmentals class (Fall 2019). This is my “take” on the project.

The goal of the class was to introduce interaction-designers-in-training to fundamental visual and user interface terminology  (via E. Lupton’s Design: The New Basics and S. Krug‘s Don’t Make Me Think) before applying that terminology in a prototype-based project.

The project prompt asked students to create a website or mobile app (tall, narrow form factor) that would act as an introduction to Paul Rand to those unfamilair with his work. The hypoethical client in this case was the Estate of Paul Rand. The goal of the project was not only to create a working prototype, but to explain the decision-making process. 


The prototype can be found here.
Timeline: Feb-Mar 2020 

This mobile app was created as an addendum to Paulrand.design website. At that site, the viewer finds a comprehensive approach to Rand’s life, work, and writings. The Rand Estate wanted to create something to bring in people unfamilar with his work and a mobile platform was selected to target younger populations that might be more unfamiliar with Rand. As the Pew Research Center notes, the younger a person is, the more likely it is that they use their mobile phones to go online.

Thus, the goals of the project were as such:

(1) increase awareness of Paul Rand with people unfamiliar with his work, preferrably younger populations

(2) favor engagement and curiosity over comprehensiveness

(3) create relays back to Paulrand.design
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Need to incorporate Krug, links to Rand’s book, and Meggs