Hi, I'm Michael Lahey. The website will flourish again once the tenure grind is over. Until then. . .

I'm an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Interactive Design in the Department of Technical Communication & Interactive Design (TCID) at Kennesaw State University. I teach classes on interaction design, how ethnography relates to contemporary design practice, and digital media & culture. I research at the intersection between cultural practice and materialist approaches to design. I am interested in how we might view design as a form of control and I wrote a dissertation on some of the ways television companies design experiences with audiences across digital platforms.

I also tinker with creative endeavors, many of which are waiting paitently to be displayed again.

Some other things I like: the NY Mets, NBA basketball (in general but mostly the Hawks & Spurs), Finland, Nordic design, pesäpallo, (all the) Danish TV (I've seen), doodling, absurdity, delta waves, the idea & practice of recycling, saying I'm into "less is more" without really knowing what that means, artichokes, space ice cream, and being an out-of-touch musical omnivore.

I'm deeply curious about peoples' tastes and have a 0% aversion to cilantro.

I use instagram, flickr, tumblr, and occasionally re-tweet others. If you ever get the feeling, drop me a line!

Curriculum vitae.