My name is Michael Lahey and I'm a design educator in Atlanta, GA. I'm an Associate Professor and the Coordinator of Interactive Design at Kennesaw State University. I teach classes on interaction design, how ethnography relates to contemporary design practice, critical thinking, and digital culture.

I work on design-related and creative projects.

My research is informed by cultural studies, ethnography, STS, and systems thinking. The research topics I'm most interested in are how culture shapes design and how we might view design as a form of control. I wrote a dissertation on some of the ways television companies design experiences with audiences across digital platforms.

Here is my cv.

Some things I'm into include: Finland, Nordic design, (all the) Danish TV (I've seen), modernism (to a point), patterns, NBA basketball (the 2003-2004 Pistons, 2013-2014 Spurs, and 2014-2015 Hawks are some of my favorite teams), the NY Mets, checks & balances, doodling, absurdity, delta waves, the practice of composting, owning less, artichokes, space ice cream, failing Voigt-Kampff tests, and being an out-of-touch musical omnivore.

If you ever get the feeling, drop me a mlahey (at) kennesaw (dot) edu!
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